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Where to FIND hand tools ONLINE?

Germany hand tools are made for long lasting using and many people want to acquire but can’t find the place to buy. You can find quality hand tools online here.

This site intend to gather the quality Germany hand tools within one place. eg, KNIPEX, STAHLWILLE, WERA, HAZET, WIHA, BAHCO, GEDORE and much more….
Easy use for find your quality tools which suitable for your specific job.

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Crimp assortment for cable connectors 300 pieces and PreciForce crimping pliers Knipex 97 52 36


TwinForce High performance diagonal cutters cutting edge hardness 64 HRC with multi-component grips size 180 mm


Stainless steel hexagon socket 1/2" size 18 mm


Zyklop hexagon bit socket set with holding function (Imperial) 3/8" size 1/8"-3/8" 7 pieces


Extra long Torx bit socket 1/2" with TIN coated size T45


Deep offset ring end slogging wrench 45 degree offset with black oxide and waxed for a rust-resistant finish length 317 mm size 1.15/16 inch


T-handle hexagon socket size 8 mm


Bolt cutter cutting capacity up to diameter 8 mm at 48 HRC with multi-component grips size 760 mm


Soft-faced hammer with urethane head size 50 mm


ERGO Non-Sparking Slotted Screwdriver (Copper Beryllium) Size 10 mm x 318 mm


Long hexagon L-wrench with ball point size 5/64"


Tyre lever length 456 mm

Out of stock

Short hexagon L-wrench with black oxidised size 2 mm


Short hexagon L-wrench with black oxidised size 2.5 mm


Short hexagon L-wrench with black oxidised size 1.3 mm


Short hexagon L-wrench with black oxidised size 1.5 mm


Short hexagon L-wrench with black oxidised size 3 mm


Deep offset heavy duty ring end wrench with 12-Point profile ring length 385 mm size 85 mm


Mini disc sander 90 degree angled with Roloc quick-change system 18000 rpm 224 watts


Non-Sparking Double Open Ended Wrench (Aluminium Bronze) Size 12 x 14 mm


Double open ended spanner made of chrome-alloy steel slim and lightweight design length 120 mm size 5,5 x 7 mm


Torx L-wrench with ball end short shank titanium silver size T25


Automatic insulation stripper for flat cable width up to 12.0 mm size 0.75-2.5 Sq.mm


Non sparking pipe wrench max 58 mm length 305 mm (Copper-Beryllium)


Side cutting pliers phosphate finish full flush cutting edges without bevelling for plastic and other soft materials with PVC coated handles max cutting capacity 3.0 mm length 150 mm


Bi-hexagon socket 3/4 inch made of high-performance alloy steel highly polished finish with locking pin retaining size 2.1/8 inch


VDE Tool Set contain insulated snipe nose pliers 26 16 200, insulated diagonal cutter 70 06 160 and 3 Wera insulatedscrewdrivers


Mason's chisel with octagonal shank and plastic hand protection length 300 mm width 26 mm


Bi-hexagon socket 1/2 inch AS-Drive bi-hexagon profile made of HPQ high performance steel length 45 mm size 1.1/4 inch


Crowfoot open end wrench 1/2 inch square drive with chrome plated size 1.3/16 inch


Adjustable torque screwdrivers with Rapidaptor quick-release chuck size 0.10-0.34 Nm ESD


Angled-socket wrench hexagon profile with passing threaded rods satin chrome finish size 1 inch


Ratcheting crimping pliers for spark plug cable connectors size 0.5-6 sq.mm with automatically releases mechanism once operation is completed length 225 mm


Nutdriver Kraftform Micro size 3.2 x 60 mm ESD


Non sparking hexagon L-wrench size 5/8" (Copper-Beryllium)


Our stocks are in Germany and 85% in stock, Basically, we deliver tools to our customers in Thailand within 3-4 weeks after received an order confirmation.

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